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We welcome private investors, banks, pension funds and private and public companies in GCC countries to become part of our investment family.  

Feel free to contact us today to find out more.

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How we Invest

Unlike other venture capital and private equity firms, we offer a unique portfolio approach to ensuring that our clients’ wealth grows substantially above market rates of returns while at the same time offering greater liquidity than traditional VC and private equity business models.

Our investment approach is as follows:

  • 50% of portfolio investments in publicly-traded disruptors

  • 50% of portfolio investments in Series C+ ventures, private companies and/or private companies whose shares are traded on private equity platforms

  • Conduct deep due diligence across the investment’s life cycle

  • Invest only in revenue-generating technologies that have significant entry barriers

  • Align incentives across-the-board with management at companies and ourselves (i.e., if management is vested, than we are vested!)

  • Place Saudi nationals in key technical and management roles at disruptors

  • Secondary IPOs on the Saudi Stock Exchange as an exit strategy


Our Due Diligence Process

Using world-leading and independent technical and financial experts, we form a solid understanding of the companies we invest in. We dive deep into the last granular level to which a business and technology can be broken down and start analyzing from there.

Unlike other VC and private equity firms, our investment process always involves primary research that allows us to form a unique opinion on a business, independent of what management has to say about their company's prospects. Using this process, we war-game possible scenarios that a business will go through to make money and successful exits for our investors.

Contact us to receive our offering memorandum and investor presentation and see how we can give you superior returns on your investments.

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