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I am a Senior Manager for Strategy, Transformation and Wholesale at OTE / Deutsche Telekom in Greece, where I am currently orchestrating its Digital Transformation.

My fascination with technology started soon after I learned to stand on a bike, on the rubber keyboard of a ZX Spectrum and a 50-pound color TV. Since then I went all the way from Basic to Cobol to Java Enterprise coding.

After graduating from Engineering School, I raised funding for over 20 international R&D proposals. I personally led 5 of these successful projects. My passion for research & innovation is proven from the diversity of the topics I have pursued and the evolution of the ideas stemming from them: Programmable networks are now known as SDN/NFV, video streaming became the basis of today’s IPTV services and multiservice home gateways are the basis for the Smart home.

This passion for technology also earned me my Ph.D for tweaking the packet processing algorithms of a Linux-based router.


I then went on to more corporate roles, earned certifications from top technology providers such as Cisco, learned to understand customer requirements & manage expectations and delivered complex IT & Networking technology projects. I have also developed a skill for optimizing business operations & costs while ensuring the highest of service levels.

In my current role, I am acting as an in-house consultant & expert, partnering with business owners to plan & co-ordinate strategic transformation initiatives for operational excellence & business development, i.e., making strategy happen.

Evangelos Vayias
Technical Associate

Network Technologies

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